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A Regular Pain

Thai Massage Gladesville

A few massage patients will have a few muscles that are always tense and sore. This is an ongoing problem for them, which they may falsely attribute to growing older, or life’s inevitable aches and pains. Massage goes a long way to reliving these issues. But sometimes there is also a way to prevent this issue from occurring.

Stress Induced:

We can be stressed by anything from undiagnosed PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorders) to general frustration with jobs and relationships. This leaves our muscles constantly tense, as if they are fighting the stress by constantly being on high alert. We react as if we are fighting a physical threat, with tense muscles in the back, neck and shoulders. This leaves us constantly sore, and probably tired, which (with a sad irony) leaves us less able to deal with the problems that caused the stress.

Massage can relive the pain, and at least some of the stress. Psychological therapy, meditation, relaxation, healthy living, and self-help techniques also help with stress.


Our body uses Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) to fuel muscles. Our levels of ATP can be depleted from exercise or stress. This leaves us sore and tired.

A supplement called d-ribose will help restore ATP levels. This occurs naturally in many foods like mushrooms, beef, poultry, cheese, yogurt and eggs.

Electroyyte Deficency and Lack of water.
Dehydration can cause all sorts of physical and mental problems. But this is the easiest thing in world to fix. It has been less of an issue for the past generation because of the increased emphasis on drinking more water.
Unfortunately, drinking a lot of water can wash minerals, salt and other healthy material out of the body. So we need to make sure we have plenty of Magnesium, and potassium in our diet. Eating plenty of fruit and vegetables will be a great help here. Electrolyte supplements are also beneficial.

Low Thyroid

An under-active thyroid will leave us with weakness, low energy, muscle pain, stiffness, spasms, sensitivity to hot and cold, and depression. For many people it is enough to eat iodine rich foods like seaweed. But some thyroid conditions require more serious medical intervention.

Gladesville Thai Massage

Massage is part of a healthy approach to living. It can reduce stress and muscle pain, and put us in a better position to deal with the problems that life inevitably throws at us.

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Sleep Breathing

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If we have compromised sleep then our whole life suffers. All the exercise and healthy dieting efforts are wasted if we cannot recover at night while we sleep.

Some of us suffer from poor breathing at night. Even in its mildest form poor breathing leaves us feeling tired during the day, and it will probably compromise our cognitive abilities more than we realize; we will suffer poor memory and decision making skills without realizing it. Over time this leaves us depressed and in poor health. At its worst, sleep apnea, night breathing problems can literally kill us.

Sleep apnea is a sleeping condition where we stop breathing for extended periods of time. This is because our airways become blocked. We continually wake during the night, gasping for breath, only to forget about the experience the next day. It is all too easy for this to go terribly wrong, and to stop breathing altogether.

Even if sleep apnea is mild, and goes unnoticed, it will lead to poor health and a significantly increased risk of a stroke or heart attack. It is not something to be taken lightly, or left undiagnosed.

Strathfield Thai Massage

Sleep problems should be assessed by a medial professional. The potential health problems are too important to ignore. Nonetheless we can take some measures to reduce the problem.

  • Lose some weight. Even a moderate loss of weight can greatly alleviate night breathing problems. This will also benefit our general health in many other ways.
  • Sleep in a position that allows better breathing. Many find that lying on the left side of the body makes a noticeable difference. Others find that elevating the head helps considerably.
  • Cut back on alcohol and caffeine, especially after midday.
  • Avoid all processed foods, especially fatty foods, fried food, and sugar.
  • If restless legs are an issue then take some magnesium supplements and potassium rich foods. And rub the legs with wet plain soap before bed.
  • A custom-made mouth-guard (usually from a dentist) can keep the breathing in some individuals. It also prevents teeth grinding.
    A nasal strip on the nose help open up the nostrils, helping
  • breathing at night. These are available at chemists or online.
  • Herbal tea helps some people to sleep, and the warm/hot liquid is good for the throat.
  • A melatonin supplement helps sleep. This is a natural hormone, and is safe in moderate doses.
  • A cool temperature room helps people sleep. This is because a hot room prevent the body from producing melatonin.
  • In extreme cases (which are more common than most people realize) a CPAP breathing machine can provide pressurized warm air for much better breathing.
  • Stress is often a contributing factor. Find ways to relax, including meditation and massage.

Strathfield Thai Massage

Massage will benefit overall health, and reduce stress. This goes a long way to healthier living. Consider massage a part of a healthier lifestyle, and enjoy the relaxing benefits.

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Facial Sag

Gladesville Thai Massage

Ageing is an inevitable part of time passing. But with some good practices and a healthy lifestyle we can noticeably reduce the signs of aging, so we can appear many years younger.

There are many factors that can make our face look older. Two of the most salient factors are wrinkles and facial sag.

Wrinkles are caused by a mixture of surface skin damage and damage just under the skin. The surface skin becomes loose and the area just beneath the skin can no longer hold this surface skin in place, so the surface skin develops folds and wrinkles.

We can noticeably reduce the appearance of wrinkle, delay their appearance, by avoiding sunlight (wear sunscreen when outdoors), drinking plenty of water and eating a super healthy diet with a lot of vegetables and minimal junk food. moisturizer also helps.

Facial sag is the other main factor that makes us look older. This Is there the skin starts to hang loose form the face. This (like wrinkles) is caused by the area beneath the skin no longer being able to fully support the skin. Simply, We lose collagen under the skin, so the outside skin starts to sag.

We can reduce facial sag by:

  • Quit smoking and keep alcohol to a minimum.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Avoid as much sugar as possible.
  • Exercise will build muscle, which helps support skin. Facial exercises make a difference here.
  • Keep caffeine to a minimum. One coffee per day.
  • Eat a healthy diet of vegetable and minimal junk/processed food.
  • Eat healthy fats in fish (salmon), avocados, and olive oil.
  • Keep out of the bright Sun and use sunscreen whenever outdoors.
  • Avoid UV light sources and Blue Light from Computer screens.
  • Add collagen to the diet, either as bone broth or as a collagen supplement.
  • Moisturizer with retinol helps maintain collagen levels.
  • Facial massage may stimulate or at least maintain collagen under the skin.
  • Lose weight gradually, not rapidly.
  • Find a way to sleep well. Sleep deprivation makes us look older and feel wretched.

Procedures like ultrasound facial tightening, laser treatments, and Dermapen/vampire facial will help boost collagen under the skin.

Thai Massage Gladesville

Massage will help to keep us healthy by promoting circulation and relieving stress. It can also tighten skin. This helps reduce the problem rather then just the symptoms. We are healthier, so we look and feel better.

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Strathfield Thai Massage

Good blood circulation is essential for good health. We need this circulation to supply oxygen and nutrients to our vital organ and extremities. Without this our health is compromised, and we suffer anything from tiredness, hair loss and headaches to serious heart and kidney problems.

Our blood pressure tends to become more of an issue as we age.

Staying healthy with exercise, stretching, meditation, and a healthy diet all help our circulation.

We can help our circulation by:

  • Cut smoking – this is bad at so many levels. This hardens arteries and causes plaque buildup.
  • Deep breathing. This is the easiest thing in the world for a reasonably healthy person. Slow, deep steady breathing.
  • Sleeping well. If we have restless legs we have compromised circulation. Use a hot water bottle on the legs. Rub them with damp soap before bed. Elevate you legs slightly with a towel under the mattress.
  • Drink plenty of water. If we are dehydrated the blood becomes thick, and circulation is compromised.
  • Keep caffeine to a minimum. One cup of coffee may give us a boost and help blood pressure, but more than two cup and blood pressure starts to climb.
  • Keep alcohol to a minimum. One glass of red wine is healthy, but more than this starts to raise blood pressure.
  • Green tea is good for the blood vessels, and benefits circulation.
  • Reduce salt and Sodium as much as possible. This means avoiding most processed food.
  • Eat plenty of foods with potassium, including leafy green vegetables, broccoli, avocados, sweet potatoes, tomatoes paste, cocoa powder, bananas, most fruit and nuts.
  • Ginger stimulates blood flow by thinning blood.
  • Garlic helps clean out the blood and veins, improving circulation.
  • Cayenne Pepper helps blood flow.

Thai Massage Strathfield

Massage will help reduce inflammation and stress as it increases blood flow. Many individuals enjoy massage simply because it feels good, but the health benefits are considerable, and help us feel good in the long term.

Thai Massage Gladesville

Thai Massage Gladesville

Thai Massage Gladesville

THAI NIRAMIT MASSAGE AND SPA, offers the best Thai massage in Gladville. It’s where you can have the best massage giving you a deeply relaxing experience that will surely soothe your aching muscles and tensions, and will take you to a state of calmness and bliss that is deeper than you’ve experienced before. We offer you the best massage ever using the special techniques of our professional massage therapists.

Our staff and therapists are screened and trained rigorously to ensure that high quality and consistency of massage standards are always provided. Our massage therapists pay utmost attention to the individual needs of our clients and will surely be able to pinpoint the cause of pain and strain in the body and massage it out leaving the client feeling relaxed and pain free.

To make sure you will get superb massages, at Thai Niramit Massage & Spa we only use premium natural products. These products are sourced within Australia and directly from Thailand. As a result you’ll be more relaxed knowing that you’ve been pampered with only the best products during your massage session.

Thai Niramit understands that even the smallest of details can make your experience much more enjoyable. We pride ourselves with our high standards and we maintain the cleanest of environments. Upon entering our shop you’ll have an instant sense of relaxation as you take in our gentle yet refreshing aromatic scents wafting throughout our shop.


Gladesville Thai Massage

We have more than 10 years experience in our profession and offer a variety of treatments such as Traditional Thai massage, Relaxing Aromatherapy Oil Massage, Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Couples Massage, Shea Butter Massage, Hot Stone massage, Hot Compress massage, Foot Reflexology, Body Scrub and Treatments, Skin Care – Facial Treatments, and our signature massages. These are the alternative healing therapies that we offer to restore and reconnect your body, mind, and soul to be healthy and have longer life. Come in and relax with us at THAI NIRAMIT MASSAGE AND SPA. “Relax body, mind and soul for a Longer Life”.

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Strathfield Thai Massage

Thai Massage Strathfield

There’s one place in Strathfield that you need to visit: Thai Niramit Massage and Spa. It’s the place where to get the best Thai massage in all of Australia.

Relaxing and Balancing your body is highly important for a stress free life. Holding stress within yourself can also have a major impact on your mental and emotional situation. Our Aromatherapy Thai & Hot Oil Massage is the best known treatment to help relax your body, soul and mind. You can get Strathfield Thai massage at Thai Niramit Massage and Spa.

3 types of treatments are available for you:

Deep Tissue and Sport Massage (firm)

We provide treatment of strong massage therapy suitable for those whom may require muscle area stimulating. This all over body massage encompasses the use of palm strokes, thumbs, elbow, stretching techniques and the revitalizing aroma of the oil to help improve blood circulation and mobility, as well as relieve tension.

Relaxing Massage

Our Aromatherapy Massage is usually well known as a relaxation massage. It’s certainly well suited to stress-related conditions or conditions with an emotional component. Reducing body & mind stress with essential oil therapy is common use in aromatherapy massage combined with gentle touch technique to soothe your body and mind. Get the best Strathfield Thai massage at Thai Niramit Massage and Spa.

Pregnancy Massage

We offer extensive experience in pregnancy treatments to revive and restore your spirit with our gentle nurturing pregnancy massage. Pregnancy pillows are used for ease and comfort of the stomach allowing the mum-to-be to release aches and pains.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage

Sports Massage

There are two broad aspects of training for any sport. One is the actual exertion, where muscles are strained and hopefully skills are required. The other is recovery, where the muscles are given time to rebuild and become a little stronger. The training is wasted, probably even counterproductive, without the recovery time. We need both of these factors to improve strength and endurance.

Massage might be seen as the bridge between exertion and recovery. The massage after a workout helps get the body functioning well, so we are in a better state to relax and recover from our exertion.

Many therapists recommend waiting at least 24 hours after a workout session before any further exertion. exercising too soon can increase muscle fatigue and soreness. But even worse, it can compromise any benefit we get from exercise. We have the pain with little or no gain.

light exercise such as walking, swimming laps or stretching is fine the day after a workout. Meditation is a good option. Drinking water and general healthy eating are the best way to reduce any soreness and help recovery.

Thai Massage Gladesville

Massage is ideal after a workout. Make this part of your life routine.

Finger Anatomy and Massage Lidcombe

Finger Anatomy and Massage

Finger Anatomy and Massage

Each of our four fingers has three joints. Any of the joints in our fingers can suffer injury or become inflamed. This can be caused by poor use of the hands, especially for repetitive tasks. Correct use of our hands largely removes the risk of joint injury. Massage can relive both the pain and the underlying cause of these problems.

Middle Joint

The joint in the middle of each finger has the most flexibility. Most healthy people can bend this joint a little over 90 degrees in a forward direction, towards the palm. This joint cannot be bend backwards (extended) without risk of injury.

The End finger Joint

The end joint of our finger is less flexible than the middle joint, but it can be bent slightly backwards. These joint are less prone to injury, and allow fine motor control for delicate tasks.

The Palm Joint

The finger joint where the finger meets the palm can be bent more than 90 degrees forward on a normal hand, and sometimes up to 90 degrees backwards without risk of injury (though this backwards movement may require external force).

The middle and end joints of our fingers have two collateral ligaments. One on the inside of the hand, the other on the outside. These ligament are there to limit the motion of the joint so that the fingers do not flex too far, thus preventing injury to the joint. If these ligaments are too lose, giving the joints too much movement, there is an increased risk of injury.

Hand Exercises

Some basic exercises will reduce general problems with the hands and fingers. More serious problems may require surgery.
Make a fist, leaving your thumb free. Then straighten your fingers out flat. repeat 10 times.
hold your hand out and individually bend each finger towards the hand (including the thumb). hod for a few seconds. Then repeat 10 times.
touch each finger to your thumb several times.
push you hand up against a wall, with the finger bend upwards. Do not push too hard.. Hold for 20 seconds
Now push the hand against the wall with the finger pointed 90 degrees downward. hold for 20 seconds.
put your hands flat on a table and lift each finger individual for a few seconds
Now put the hand flat on the table and individually curl each finger under the palm.

If you find that your hands suffer pain from any task the look at ways to alter the situation. If you use a computer mouse on a low table then the hands may start to ache. raise the table or lower your chair. do some research on the correct way to play musical instruments, hold a golf club, or partake in any hobby.

Consider regular massage to help keep joints in healthy working order.

Thai Massage Strathfield Aged Care

Aged Care

Thai Massage Gladesville
Massage is one of the best ways to treat the many issues that come with old age. There are both physiological and psychological benefits.
Research shows that:
• Massage is relaxing, having a calming effect. This is especially important for individuals who have mood swings.
• Massage relieves the physical symptoms of stress
• Assists in arthritic pain.
• Promotes natural joint lubrication
• Helps increase coordination and muscle strength
• Provides some boost to energy levels
• Can improve posture
• Is seems to boost immunity, reducing illness or duration of illness
• The human contact of massage is important, individuals need this contact in order to reduce the feeling of isolation.

Strathfield Thai Massage– Other factors that helps the elderly
• Music affects us at a very deep level. Playing music familiar to the individual from their past often has a string positive effect. Individuals who do not respond to their environment often respond to familiar music.
• Meditation sounds, New Age tapes or binaural beat recording will help create a calm mood.
• Open space is less confusing and safer than clutter.
• Familiar objects in their surrounding have a positive effect.
• Contact with relative and associates. A familiar voice may be recognized.
• Clear Lighting in the room helps. Darkness confuses those with dementia, and they may panic. Bright lights help during the day; dim red/orange lights help at night.
• A Healthy diet, with omega 3, tryptophan, fruit, and chlorophyll will help keep a better mood.
• Aromatherapy helps some people. Try finding scents that are soothing, or that promote mental alertness and memory.

Thai Massage Gladesville
Massage put us in a better place to deal with life. It helps us with injury, illness, old age issues, or just staying healthy. Consider making massage a regular activity.

Thai Massage Strathfield

Thai Massage Strathfield