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For all facial treatments we use only the best PAYOT skincare products at Thai Niramit Massage & Spa.
Anti-Stress Facial Massage & Treatment
30 mins/$99
60 mins/$129
90 mins/$169
120 mins/$199
PAYOT LUXURY FACIAL TREATMENTS. We offer you one of the best skin care products available. Be balanced, harmonised and revitalised with PAYOT’s prestigious spa range. PAYOT SKIN CARE products are rich in minerals and trace elements which leave your skin hydrated, rejuvenated and help boost blood circulation with face and neck massages. Vital for stress and tension relief for all skin types. Our treatments include facial cleansing, scrubs, mask, moisturising and relaxing massage.

Natural active ingredients

Renew your skin's radiance

Hydrate your skin for a healthier look and feel

Treat breakouts and restore balance

Enjoy a relaxing facial massage

Body Scrub & Treatment
60 mins/$129
90 mins/$169
120 mins/$199
Our body scrub & treatment, is the best way to keep your skin healthy and beautiful through exfoliation by removing dead skin cells and then moisturizing your skin with Aroma Oil or Shea Butter to rejuvenate your skin giving it a softer and younger feeling.

Light pressure

Herbal body scrub used

Shea Butter used