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A Regular Pain

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A few massage patients will have a few muscles that are always tense and sore. This is an ongoing problem for them, which they may falsely attribute to growing older, or life’s inevitable aches and pains. Massage goes a long way to reliving these issues. But sometimes there is also a way to prevent this issue from occurring.

Stress Induced:

We can be stressed by anything from undiagnosed PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorders) to general frustration with jobs and relationships. This leaves our muscles constantly tense, as if they are fighting the stress by constantly being on high alert. We react as if we are fighting a physical threat, with tense muscles in the back, neck and shoulders. This leaves us constantly sore, and probably tired, which (with a sad irony) leaves us less able to deal with the problems that caused the stress.

Massage can relive the pain, and at least some of the stress. Psychological therapy, meditation, relaxation, healthy living, and self-help techniques also help with stress.


Our body uses Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) to fuel muscles. Our levels of ATP can be depleted from exercise or stress. This leaves us sore and tired.

A supplement called d-ribose will help restore ATP levels. This occurs naturally in many foods like mushrooms, beef, poultry, cheese, yogurt and eggs.

Electroyyte Deficency and Lack of water.
Dehydration can cause all sorts of physical and mental problems. But this is the easiest thing in world to fix. It has been less of an issue for the past generation because of the increased emphasis on drinking more water.
Unfortunately, drinking a lot of water can wash minerals, salt and other healthy material out of the body. So we need to make sure we have plenty of Magnesium, and potassium in our diet. Eating plenty of fruit and vegetables will be a great help here. Electrolyte supplements are also beneficial.

Low Thyroid

An under-active thyroid will leave us with weakness, low energy, muscle pain, stiffness, spasms, sensitivity to hot and cold, and depression. For many people it is enough to eat iodine rich foods like seaweed. But some thyroid conditions require more serious medical intervention.

Gladesville Thai Massage

Massage is part of a healthy approach to living. It can reduce stress and muscle pain, and put us in a better position to deal with the problems that life inevitably throws at us.

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