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If we have compromised sleep then our whole life suffers. All the exercise and healthy dieting efforts are wasted if we cannot recover at night while we sleep.

Some of us suffer from poor breathing at night. Even in its mildest form poor breathing leaves us feeling tired during the day, and it will probably compromise our cognitive abilities more than we realize; we will suffer poor memory and decision making skills without realizing it. Over time this leaves us depressed and in poor health. At its worst, sleep apnea, night breathing problems can literally kill us.

Sleep apnea is a sleeping condition where we stop breathing for extended periods of time. This is because our airways become blocked. We continually wake during the night, gasping for breath, only to forget about the experience the next day. It is all too easy for this to go terribly wrong, and to stop breathing altogether.

Even if sleep apnea is mild, and goes unnoticed, it will lead to poor health and a significantly increased risk of a stroke or heart attack. It is not something to be taken lightly, or left undiagnosed.

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Sleep problems should be assessed by a medial professional. The potential health problems are too important to ignore. Nonetheless we can take some measures to reduce the problem.

  • Lose some weight. Even a moderate loss of weight can greatly alleviate night breathing problems. This will also benefit our general health in many other ways.
  • Sleep in a position that allows better breathing. Many find that lying on the left side of the body makes a noticeable difference. Others find that elevating the head helps considerably.
  • Cut back on alcohol and caffeine, especially after midday.
  • Avoid all processed foods, especially fatty foods, fried food, and sugar.
  • If restless legs are an issue then take some magnesium supplements and potassium rich foods. And rub the legs with wet plain soap before bed.
  • A custom-made mouth-guard (usually from a dentist) can keep the breathing in some individuals. It also prevents teeth grinding.
    A nasal strip on the nose help open up the nostrils, helping
  • breathing at night. These are available at chemists or online.
  • Herbal tea helps some people to sleep, and the warm/hot liquid is good for the throat.
  • A melatonin supplement helps sleep. This is a natural hormone, and is safe in moderate doses.
  • A cool temperature room helps people sleep. This is because a hot room prevent the body from producing melatonin.
  • In extreme cases (which are more common than most people realize) a CPAP breathing machine can provide pressurized warm air for much better breathing.
  • Stress is often a contributing factor. Find ways to relax, including meditation and massage.

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Massage will benefit overall health, and reduce stress. This goes a long way to healthier living. Consider massage a part of a healthier lifestyle, and enjoy the relaxing benefits.

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