thai massage strathfield

Strathfield Thai Massage

Thai Massage Strathfield

There’s one place in Strathfield that you need to visit: Thai Niramit Massage and Spa. It’s the place where to get the best Thai massage in all of Australia.

Relaxing and Balancing your body is highly important for a stress free life. Holding stress within yourself can also have a major impact on your mental and emotional situation. Our Aromatherapy Thai & Hot Oil Massage is the best known treatment to help relax your body, soul and mind. You can get Strathfield Thai massage at Thai Niramit Massage and Spa.

3 types of treatments are available for you:

Deep Tissue and Sport Massage (firm)

We provide treatment of strong massage therapy suitable for those whom may require muscle area stimulating. This all over body massage encompasses the use of palm strokes, thumbs, elbow, stretching techniques and the revitalizing aroma of the oil to help improve blood circulation and mobility, as well as relieve tension.

Relaxing Massage

Our Aromatherapy Massage is usually well known as a relaxation massage. It’s certainly well suited to stress-related conditions or conditions with an emotional component. Reducing body & mind stress with essential oil therapy is common use in aromatherapy massage combined with gentle touch technique to soothe your body and mind. Get the best Strathfield Thai massage at Thai Niramit Massage and Spa.

Pregnancy Massage

We offer extensive experience in pregnancy treatments to revive and restore your spirit with our gentle nurturing pregnancy massage. Pregnancy pillows are used for ease and comfort of the stomach allowing the mum-to-be to release aches and pains.

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