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Shoulder Dislocations

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Our shoulder is one of the most mobile,and most used, joints in our body. But this greater mobility and use comes at a price – There is little structural support for the shoulder, so incorrect use, or overuse, can lead to problems. We are especially vulnerable to problems when using the shoulder in awkward positions, or when exerting ourselves. Or we might be unfortunate enough to suffer injury from an hard impact.

One type of shoulder injury occurs when the humeral head comes out of the Glenoid fossa. This is the joint at the shoulder where the arm meets your body. It is commonly, and mistakenly, thought of as a ball and socket joint. But it is really a fairly shallow joint, relying on the support of soft tissues rather than bone structure. The general term for the humeral head coming out of the joint is ‘a dislocated shoulder’,

It is all too easy to dislocate a shoulder. Often this is an obvious injury; the individual knows that something is quite wrong. But occasionally it may initially go unrecognized, till the patient tries to stretch or move their arm to far. These are warning signs that something is wrong. And the underlying problem with the joint should be treated immediately.

A dislocated shoulder should only be corrected by a doctor or physical therapist. Incorrect treatment can cause more severe problems.

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A massage therapist can help a client to manage the soft-tissue reactions after a dislocated shoulder has been corrected. This will improve the recovery time.

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