Sports Massage

Sports Massage

Sports Massage

There are two broad aspects of training for any sport. One is the actual exertion, where muscles are strained and hopefully skills are required. The other is recovery, where the muscles are given time to rebuild and become a little stronger. The training is wasted, probably even counterproductive, without the recovery time. We need both of these factors to improve strength and endurance.

Massage might be seen as the bridge between exertion and recovery. The massage after a workout helps get the body functioning well, so we are in a better state to relax and recover from our exertion.

Many therapists recommend waiting at least 24 hours after a workout session before any further exertion. exercising too soon can increase muscle fatigue and soreness. But even worse, it can compromise any benefit we get from exercise. We have the pain with little or no gain.

light exercise such as walking, swimming laps or stretching is fine the day after a workout. Meditation is a good option. Drinking water and general healthy eating are the best way to reduce any soreness and help recovery.

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Massage is ideal after a workout. Make this part of your life routine.

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