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Massage is one of the best ways to treat the many issues that come with old age. There are both physiological and psychological benefits.
Research shows that:
• Massage is relaxing, having a calming effect. This is especially important for individuals who have mood swings.
• Massage relieves the physical symptoms of stress
• Assists in arthritic pain.
• Promotes natural joint lubrication
• Helps increase coordination and muscle strength
• Provides some boost to energy levels
• Can improve posture
• Is seems to boost immunity, reducing illness or duration of illness
• The human contact of massage is important, individuals need this contact in order to reduce the feeling of isolation.

Strathfield Thai Massage– Other factors that helps the elderly
• Music affects us at a very deep level. Playing music familiar to the individual from their past often has a string positive effect. Individuals who do not respond to their environment often respond to familiar music.
• Meditation sounds, New Age tapes or binaural beat recording will help create a calm mood.
• Open space is less confusing and safer than clutter.
• Familiar objects in their surrounding have a positive effect.
• Contact with relative and associates. A familiar voice may be recognized.
• Clear Lighting in the room helps. Darkness confuses those with dementia, and they may panic. Bright lights help during the day; dim red/orange lights help at night.
• A Healthy diet, with omega 3, tryptophan, fruit, and chlorophyll will help keep a better mood.
• Aromatherapy helps some people. Try finding scents that are soothing, or that promote mental alertness and memory.

Thai Massage Gladesville
Massage put us in a better place to deal with life. It helps us with injury, illness, old age issues, or just staying healthy. Consider making massage a regular activity.

Thai Massage Strathfield

Thai Massage Strathfield

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