Parkinson's disease Massage

Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease

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Massage is often used as an extra, perhaps alternative, therapy when we suffer a serious aliment. It can benefit physical and mental symptoms of many conditions. One of the many disorders that benefits form massage is Parkinson’s disease.

Parkinson’s is a complex neurological disorder. Occurring far more in old age it is a progressive disorder where the motor skills (arm movement, walking) become compromised, and later impossible. Later, automatic movements like blinking, swallowing and smiling become increasingly impaired. Speech becomes progressively more difficult over time. Cognitive functions decay later in the disease, something often connected with depression, anxiety and behavioural problems.
There is presently no cure for Parkinson’s, only treatment for the symptoms. Treatments may slow the progress of the disease, but never entirely prevent the decline.

Symptoms include:
• Slowed movement
• Tremors/shakes
• Rigid muscles
• Poor sense of balance
• Awkward posture
• Difficulty walking, or other movement while walking.
• Reduced sense of smell
• Difficulties eating
• Progressive difficulty in speaking.
• Digestion and sleep may be affected.

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Massage can help with the symptoms Parkinson’s’:
• Improved mobility
• Decreased tremors
• Reduced anxiety
• Reduced pain
• Decreased muscle stiffness
• Better digestive health
• Improved quality sleep
• Some increase in energy
• Improved awareness, self-esteem and self-confidence.
• Patients have improved mood after a massage.

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Deep tissue massage will benefit those who suffer a serious ailment like Parkinson’s.

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