Better Sleep

Essentials of better Sleep

Essentials of better Sleep

It is no exaggeration to say that sleep is absolutely essential for every living soul. And that lives are compromised by poor sleep. Whether one want to build muscle, understand academic pursuits, advance their career, or simply get along with friends and relatives, decent sleep is a must.
So how do we achieve better sleep, and therefore our lives?

Circadian rhythms.
Our human physiology responds to light and dark. Early morning light helps to wake us up for the day. The early light also helps us sleep latter that evening, though it may take more than one day for this effect to work effectively.
We can improve our sleep by rising with the morning sun, and later minimizing light for a few hours before we sleep.
Alternatively, if sunlight isn’t an option, we can use bright light to wake us. And use red light before bed to help us sleep. Red light has no effect on our sleep cycle. Whereas blue light keeps us awake.
Look for LED lighting that changes colour for the bedroom.

Late afternoon or early evening exercise helps us sleep. But it must be at least 3 hours before bed lest the effect backfire and we find we are two pumped up to rest.
Essential oils
A mixture of essential oils, clary sage, lavender, and marjoram, helps some people sleep.

There are audio sounds that help some people sleep. These mimic the gentle pulsing rhythm of a sleeping brain. Some can be played with headphones before sleep. Others are played back through speakers while asleep.

If you snore or otherwise breathe poorly your sleep will suffer. Solutions to this vary with the extent of the problem. Sometimes a small nasal strip will remove the problems, or a custom dental mouthguard. Other people need a CPAP breathing machine.

Too much sodium, caffeine, cocoa or any stimulate can disrupt otherwise better sleep, perhaps giving us restless legs. Avoid these after midday, and stay well hydrated.

Thai Massage Gladesville
Sometime the ability to relax is all that is standing between an individual and a decent night’s sleep. A massage gets our body operating in a healthy way, which help us function better when awake, and sleep better at night.
Make a massage a regular part of your healthy lifestyle.

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