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Massage and Water


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In the past people used to drink more water, because that was what was available. The alternatives were tea and coffee (which are largely water), or alcohol. Today it is all too easy to just consume soft drinks, juice and other sugar filled beverages. But a generation ago we stated to notice how the lack of water affected our health.
The amount of water we should drink is still debated. The 8 glasses a day can’t apply to everybody – it must vary with body height and weight; and we need more in hotter weather. There also might be a case for drinking too much water. But for the most part more water is preferable.

The popular medical advice columns clam that water will flush toxins out of our body. This is a little too simple to be accurate. Our kidneys remove toxins, and they need water to help achieve this; so adequate water is important. But there are other toxins that water doesn’t seem to help with. Nonetheless water goes a long was to removing many, but not all, toxins from our body.
At the same time completely pure water is a problem. We need a certain amount of salt and other trace elements in our diet, apparently in our water, to remain healthy. If the water is too pure we lose these vital nutrients.

If we lose water, becoming dehydrated though exercise like jogging, then we risk collapse. But too much water can be a problem because we lose all the salt in our bodies, which can also cause us to collapse. Worse yet, lack of salt looks like dehydration, so we might try to compensate by drinking yet more water. We need some salt and trace elements with our water.
Bottled water can be too pure, lacking salts. Is depends on the brand. In some ways clean tap water is better.

Dental health and bad breath
Water will help keep our teeth clean, and go a long way to reducing bad breath. Tap water has an advantage here because it contains some fluoride, which hardens tooth enamel.
There is a trend to add lemon or fruit to water. This can be very harsh on teeth. Stick to pure water, maybe with lemon water once per day with more water afterward to clean teeth.
Cold green tea or water with a teaspoon of chlorophyll is a good option, helping teeth and bad breath.

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We should drink water before and after exercise. And drink water before and after a massage.

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