Massage, Youth and Collagen

Massage, Youth and Collagen

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Most of us would prefer to retain our youthful appearance. Part of this is simply staying heathy; a heathy person will tend to look better and younger. Part of this is taking measure against anything that makes our skin look older.
There are a few things that make our skin look older. One is dryness that causes us to develop fine wrinkles. Another factor is the collagen under our skin. This collagen supports our skin. But as we get older we tend to loose collagen, leading to facial sagging and deeper wrinkles. Youth and Collagen and closely linked.
We can retain and even restore our collagen by a few different methods. Some of these are quite simple. Some are more involved.

Diet will make a difference. A healthy intake of vegetables, fruit and natural unprocessed foods, with plenty of vitamin C, zinc, and collagen type protein will help us retain the collagen we have, especially in the face. It also help collagen in our joints. We should avoid processed, junk, and fried food as part of a healthy diet.
Plenty of water is part of a healthy diet, and this help our skin look its best.
Keep caffeine to a minimum as this may reduce collagen.

Medical Procedures
Microderm skin procedures like Dermapen will pierce the top-most layer of skin, helping to form more collagen underneath.
Ultrasound treatments apparently help collagen to form.
Red light therapy may help collagen to form, though there is debate about the right wavelength (colour) of light. About 620nm appears to be right.
These procedures are a little costly and time consuming.

One of the many benefits of massage is help to retain and restore collagen under the skin. Massage certainly boost circulation, which will benefit skin, and probably the collagen layers under the skin. The stimulation of massage should also boost collagen.
The mechanism by which massage boosts collagen is still uncertain, but it makes a visible difference. After regular facial massage the skin looks better.

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Regular massage helps us feel better and in the long term is keeps us healthier and younger looking. We should have a regular massage in order to make the most of the life we live.

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Youth and Collagen Massage

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