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Under Our Skin

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Sometimes science discovers something that would have seemed to be obvious. Recently science has discovered the interstitium, a layer of fluid filled tissue beneath our skin and connecting (apparently) every part and organ of our body.
Previously the interstitium had not been noticed because older examination methods often dried out all fluids before putting the specimen under the microscope. So the fluid filled interstitium, without the fluid, looked like just another layer of flesh or collagen.
The existence of the interstitium under our skin explains the extra fluid weight that a living body has over an isolated and dried out specimen. Calculations showed there was previously about a 20% discrepancy. The interstitium may also explain a few mysteries about how chemicals and cells circulate around the body.
Of course the word ’interstitium’ or the general concept is not new; the term appears in old biology textbooks. But this area beneath our skin, always called the interstitium, was previously though to simply be another layer of skin. The circulating fluid which saw it reclassified as an organ, previously went unnoticed.

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For years the ancient practices of acupuncture and massage were known to be effective, though the reason was never explained. Acupuncture and massage had no anatomical correlate. Nobody could point to any organ in the body and claim that this was the thing that made massage and acupuncture work. But the interstitium, or our newly expanded understanding of it, may make some sense of it all.
As the interstitium is concerned with circulation around the body, which is necessary for good health, so massage, which improves circulation, may benefit body healthy by assisting the interstitium. Massage is connecting to one aspect of the body that connects every other aspect of the body together. No wonder massage is so useful for so many ailments.

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A massage is the boost that so many of us need. Make a regular massage part of a healthy lifestyle.

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