Smooth Skin

More than a few of us suffer from some patches of bumpy skin. There are several causes of this, from ingrown hairs to blackheads. One common cause is keratosis pilaris, where the skin grows red/pink and forms ‘chicken skin’ bumps. This condition is not fully understood, but it is partly due to blocked hair follicles and more common in people with drier skin.

Keratosis pilaris is not really harmful, but we may not like the look of it. Some people are embarrassed to wear a swimsuit or have a massage because of the keratosis pilaris condition on their arms of legs.

There are a few ways to reduce keratosis pilaris, even if we cannot remove it entirely.

  • Sulphur soap will reduce break down the hard keratin that clogs pores, reducing the problem. This reduces the roughness, but it takes longer for the redness to subside.

Do not use sulphur soap on the rest of the body unless you suffer ache – it will dry out the skin.

  • Blue light can destroy the bacteria involved with keratosis pilaris and acne. Blue light devices are available online.
  • Emu oil is a good moisturizer and help break down the hard keratin in keratosis pilaris. It also helps circulation. Use this in warm conditions, because even though it makes the skin feel warm it will open up the pores in the skin, making the area sensitive to the cold for about 30 minutes.

Best to use emu oil after the sulphur soap.

  • Coconut oil also helps, especially after sulphur soap.
  • Allergies can cause or at least exacerbate keratosis pilaris. Try going dairy free or gluten free for a few weeks.
  • A super healthy diet of salads and vegetables may make a significant difference. Avoid fried and processed foods. Use olive oil for salads and cooking.

Strathfield Thai Massage

A massage will help keep us in better health. It may even help reduce the health problem than was causing you to avoid the massage!

Massage therapists have seen it all before, and want you to be in better shape and appearance. Have a massage and feel better, because you actually are getting better!

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