Winter Massage

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Nobody likes to be really cold, but winter is inevitable, so most places on the globe will suffer at least a few cold months in the year. We take precautions to deal with this.

Massage will help us deal with the colder months in a few ways.

Relief for inactive muscles

We are probably spending less time outdoors, certainly not hiking or playing tennis. This can lead to some atrophy in our muscles. Some of us find that we get sore and stiff. A massage can help keep things a little more fit and flexible.

Feel Warmer

A massage gets our circulation going, which helps keep us warmer.


We can end up with dry skin in the cold months. Massage and oil goes a long way towards preventing this.


Some of us suffer seasonal depression in the winter, either mildly or severely. Regular massage helps us feel better about ourselves, and feel more alive. Natural daylight is also recommended.

Immunity Booster

Massage keeps us in better health, so we are less likely to catch cold, or perhaps something worse.


This is more of an issue in the Northern Hemisphere, where winter is synonymous with Christmas holidays. But there is no part of the year that is completely stress free. So a massage is always welcome.

A Warm Oasis

It’s good to get out of the routine, especially in cold weather, and enjoy the warm atmosphere of a massage with hot oil and some candles.

Thai Massage Gladesville

A massage is part of being physically and mentally healthy. We enjoy life more when we are fit and feeling good. So make massage a regular part of life.

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