Tea, Sleep, Heathy and Life

The phrase ‘Life is for living’ seems to say nothing if taken literally. But we all understand what it means to say – be an active participant in the life around you, and don’t waste your time on idleness or living with poor health.

Our good health is perhaps our most underrated asset. If we are mentally and physically fit then we are capable of doing more with ourselves, doing more with other people, and we are capable of enjoying it more.

There are many good habits that improve our health and ability to enjoy life, and to help us cope with inevitable problems and challenges.

  • Tea is popular in almost every culture from China to England. People noticed its pleasant relaxing qualities, which were later attributed to the L-theanime chemical and small dose of caffeine stimulant. Tea clears the head with some gentle mental energy, giving clear focus.
    Green Tea has steadily become popular over the last generation. It provides similar, perhaps improved, mental energy, and it is full of healthy antioxidants. Fresh breath and dental healthy are added benefits.
  • Ginseng is popular in Asian countries. It boosts our immune system and provides some steady energy and stamina. It is superior to the short burst of energy given by caffeine/coffee. But it should be avoided several hours before sleep lest it cause insomnia.
  • Early morning sunlight helps to feel awake because our body responds to the bright light, especially blue light and UV. This Early morning light also helps us sleep the next evening.
  • Clear breathing helps us function and think well. Breathe through the nose, not the mouth.
  • Melatonin helps us sleep. We can find this in cherries or in pill form.
  • Meditation helps us focus. It’s rather like resetting our mind. Some would mistakenly see this as a waste time. Others realize that an hour of meditation helps the function far better for the rest of the day.
  • Physical exercise benefits our cognition.
  • Massage helps our body function well. This benefits every aspect of our life. We can enjoy ourselves more and handle stress far better when feeling alive and thinking clearly.

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