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Poor smelling breath is socially embarrassing, and perhaps a sign of something wrong. If we are in poor health, eat a poor diet, or have dental problems our breath can be badly compromised.

There are several ways to help sweeten our breath. Many of them are also healthy in other ways.

• Drink plenty of water. This has been a health trend for the last generation, and a fairly valid one. Our body will operate poorly with insufficient water, and our breath will be poor.
• Make sure to breathe through the nose and not the mouth. Mouth breathing will dry out the teeth and gums, causing bacteria to grow which leads to bad breath.
• Brush your teeth and use mouthwash. This is fairly obvious, but you will duffer without it. Check with the dentist to see if you have an infection.
• Eat plenty of green vegetables and natural food. This helps deodorise us.
• Add some liquid chlorophyll to your diet. Chlorophyll is found in green vegetables. A spoonful of this will greatly reduce body odour and bad breath.
• Avoid processed foods. These are usually unhealthy and the additives/preservatives in them will cause odour issues.
• Some spicy foods will affect our breath, even as they are healthy. On the other hand some people like the smell of some spice.
• Chewing parsley or mint will help our breath.
• Smoking, including e-cigarettes, will badly compromise our breath.
• Sugar free gum, preferable with xylitol, will help our breath.
• Green tea is beneficial for our teeth and breath. It can be drunk cold, and there are decaffeinated varieties.
• Losing some weight and being fit makes a difference.
• Check to see if you have an allergy or a medical condition.

Strathfield Thai massage

Massage helps keep us in good health. It is beneficial for our emotional health, for clear thinking, and it benefits us physically. These combine to help us feel more motivated, helping us to achieve more and seem more satisfied with life.


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