Not Sitting Still

The human body wasn’t designed for sitting in a chair, not for long periods anyway. Our body functions best if we stand while are awake and lie down while we sleep. When we sit we compromise the best functioning of our body.

Prolongs sitting is a major factor in weight gain, increased blood pressure, heart disease, and it may contribute to diabetes. The habit we have of sitting for most of the day will take years off our life expectancy.

But what choice do most of us have? If we work in an office we are sitting at a desk for most of the day. Few of us can stand and work, and those who do are probably not in the highest paid career paths.

And after work most of us aren’t in the mood for exercise either. We just want to relax, watch the television, and perhaps socialize. Yet it doesn’t make too much difference by that stage. Sitting down all day causes us harm, and while exercise definitely has its benefits it will only partly compensates for prolonged sitting.

Sitting, apart from limited motion, will weaken our circulation and disrupt the process where fats are broken down and nutrients circulated through the body. This partly continues even when we stand up. Sitting for extended periods simply takes our health down a notch.

Best Thai massage Lidcombe

Massage can help deal with the stresses of life, or put us in a healthier place for dealing with those stresses. It also help us compensate for the damage we inflict upon our bodies, and reduce the harm causes by prolong sitting. This is no miracle cure, but massage helps optimize us both physically and mentally.

Live life in the optimal way with a regular massage.

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